Size Guide

To get the best idea of the size you need, we encourage you to come and have a look for yourself. All the units are 8ft high offering a large cubic capacity. Here is a rough guide to what our different self storage units will house.

20ft x 8ft (160sqft) and 17.6ft x 8ft (140sqft)

These are the largest units. Approximately the size of a large single garage, these may be suitable for a larger house move, or a business requiring better access to a range of stored goods.

14ft x 8ft (112sqft) and 10ft x 8ft (80sqft)

The size of a small single garage, these units may be suitable for a medium to small house move, stock for a small business or a collectors den.

7.6ft x 8ft (60sqft) and 6ft x 8ft (48sqft)

The size of an attic or garden shed, these units may be suitable for small house moves, to store spare furniture, gym kit or to store seasonal/weekend sports equipment.