Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you have about your secure self-storage at Town & Country Storage, and you are welcome to come and visit to find out more. Here are some answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

How much space do I need?

The best way to judge how much space you need is to come along and take a look at what we offer.

You may need more space if you wish to access your unit on a regular basis.

What if I need more space than I thought?

We will allow you to move to bigger or smaller units whenever you wish with no penalty, dependent on availability.

What can I store?

You can store anything in our units assuming it is not hazardous, dangerous, illegal, stolen, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive. 

Will anyone else have access to my storage unit?

No, you will have your own locks supplied by us and you will have sole access. *

What do I need to bring with me?

At least one form of ID and one proof of address is required to hire a unit.

Will you accept deliveries for me?

No, we don’t handle any of the customer’s goods at any time.

How secure are the units?

Each unit is covered by CCTV, and has lockable roller shutter doors for complete security. Ben and Tamsin also live on-site, offering extra security not offered by other facilities.

Will my belongings be protected?

Our self storage units are fully ventilated, insulated, and waterproof, offering the perfect environment to store your belongings safely. But for peice of mind, insurance is required for everyone who stores with us.

How easy is access?

Town & Country Storage is located on a convenient site on the outskirts of Bridgwater, easy to access by car. Each storage unit has driveway access right to the door, without the need for a trolley, and offering quick and convenient access.

How often can I access my unit?

We offer flexible and long opening hours between 6.00am and 8.00pm seven days a week, allowing you to access your unit whenever you need.

*HMRC and the Police can both gain right of access warrants if required. In the event of default, the facility owner would have certain rights over control of the unit and goods inside as is stated in the conditions of agreement to be signed by storers. A copy can be requested.