Business Terms and Conditions

We are provisional memebers of the Self Storage Association UK and once our facility is fully finished (soon!) we will become full members. We adhere to their operational standards and use their Standard Self Storage Contract as our contract. The contract main points are below, but if you would like to see a copy of the full contract, please ask.

Contract Main Points

  • Storer owns or is autherised to store the Goods
  • Storage fees must be paid in advance and on time
  • If you fail to comply with the conditions of this agreement the Facility Owner will have certain rights which include forfeiture of your Deposit and the right to seize and sell and/or dispose of your goods
  • Storer must secure unit
  • Storer must not store hazardous, dangerous, illegal, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods
  • Storer must check the Unit is suitable for storing the goods
  • Facility Owner’s liability for loss of and damage to goods is limited to £100
  • Goods are stored at your sole risk. You must take out insurance cover
  • Facility Owner may use and share your personal and other data in certain circumstances
  • The Facility Owner does not give any advice concerning insurance cover provided by the Facility Owner’s insurance policy